Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Dreadful Day Plays At Chicago's Filet of Solo Festival

Chicago's Live Bait Theater is just about to start up its 13th annual Filet of Solo Festival - a celebration of solo performance that will run July 11 through August 16.

At the center of this year's festival is A Dreadful Day, a new play from BoyGirlBoyGirl, which is described in press materials as "Chicago's favorite solo performance ensemble." The appearance of BoyGirlBoyGirl and "Dreadful" will mark the ensemble's return to the Chicago stage after a three-year hiatus.

A Dreadful Day is the name of this 19th-century children's book that ensemble member David Kodeski found in a bookstore in Evanston. It tells the story of a single day in the lives of Millicent and Archie, two preternaturally well-spoken orphans whose best intentions have this funny way of paving the road to Hell. Well, not so "funny." More like "ominous." And not exactly the road to Hell inasmuch as a sure-fire way to catch scarlet fever. A cursory reading of the book will lead you to believe it's a warning against random acts of kindness towards others. An in-depth reading confirms it to be a more darkly misanthropic suggestion that we best mind our own business.

In their interpretation, BoyGirlBoyGirl responds with six tales of orphans, feline euthanasia, good deeds gone wrong, and all things full of dread. Hilarity ensues.

BoyGirlBoyGirl consists of solo performers Susan McLaughlin Karp, David Kodeski, Stephanie Shaw,Diana Slickman & Edward Thomas-Herrera, and they'll be performing "Dreadful" Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm, July 11-19.

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