Monday, July 14, 2008

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Associated Press

NYC sets formal rules for filming on city streets
Filmmakers and photographers who shoot on New York City's streets and sidewalks now have a clear set of rules dictating when they must obtain permits, after years of relying on loose guidelines that civil liberties advocates said were too vague.

Hollywood Reporter / Reuters

"Damn Yankees" revival a costly disappointment
It's not likely that the limited-run revival of "Damn Yankees," which officially debuted Thursday at the City Center for three weeks (following five days of previews), will inspire demands for a open-ended Broadway run as three former "Encores!" presentations so famously have done.

Ophelia Confronts Loser Boyfriend Hamlet in Brooklyn's McCarren Park Pool
In the new play ``Twelve Ophelias,'' Hamlet is a slacker, his mother Gertrude runs a brothel and the setting is a squalid shantytown instead of Denmark's royal court.


Reviw: The Marriage of Bette and Boo
...themes like marital misery, family dysfunction, alcoholism, emotional instability, religion and death into standard fodder for comedy. So it's all the more surprising that, whether in giddy or melancholy mode, the play remains sharp, funny and affecting more than 20 years later.

Review: Of Equal Measure
...leading her into stilted dialogue and preposterous plotting for which helmer Leigh Silverman never settles upon an appropriately persuasive style. Result is as crudely manipulative as the World War I-era propaganda Barfield vilifies.

Review: Ricky Gervais
...the belly laughs shifting around the Kodak Theater as nerves are struck. On his opening night in the States, Gervais' no-nonsense approach hit every bull's eye.

Review: Neal Medlyn's Unpronounceable Symbol
...check out a piece by performance artist Neal Medlyn. He's made a career out of exaggerating pop's dark side, and in his latest show, "Neal Medlyn's Unpronounceable Symbol," he takes a charming jab at Prince.

Review: Debbie Reynolds: An Evening of Music and Comedy
The only thing missing from "Debbie Reynolds: An Evening of Music and Comedy," the star's engaging "little visit with friends" at the El Portal, is any hint of the emotional toll of her well-documented personal and professional disappointments. In this 90 minutes of music, comedy and reminiscence, Debbie has no interest in wallowing in her woes, and she's betting the audience doesn't either.

Review: Broke-ology
...The issues of family responsibility, survival and sacrifice are not new , being the source for great dramas and not-so-great melodramas. But what draws the aud into Jackson's loving play -- receiving its preem at Williamstown Theater Festival -- is the attention to the detail of the caring, struggling family ...

Back Stage

The Marriage of Bette and Boo reviewed by David Sheward
Dysfunctional families have long provided fodder for American drama, but no play has approached the family dynamic with the heartbreak and hilarity as The Marriage of Bette and Boo.

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