Tuesday, July 15, 2008

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The Playgoer Blog

The Regional Actor's Lot
Teresa Eyring, the Executive Director of the Theatre Communications Group (TCG) actually takes on Mike Daisey in the current issue of American Theatre. Or at least goes after one of the gripes Daisey gave voice to in his recent ...

The Clyde Fitch Report Blog

Arts Advocacy Update XLIX
The content below is from Americans for the Arts' Cultural Policy Listserv, email blast of July 9, 2008:...

Sweatin' to Sondheim II
Oh my God, it's a trend. This is Sweatin' to Sondheim Act II Cardio Edition.

A Moratorium on Shakespeare?
Well, that's what they're talking about (and talking about and talking about) over at Theatre Is Territory.

Kudos to American Theatre Web

Theatreforte Blog

Featured Post: Writers need actors
Taking a break from the Great Debate, this post from screenwriter / director John August caught my attention. It's relevant because it adds another dimension to our discussion about making a living as an actor...

lies like truth Blog

Meaning Schmeaning
As I read over Tom Lubbock's interesting piece in today's UK Independent newspaper about society's obsession with explaining works of art, I couldn't help but be reminded of my own recent attempts to impose meaning on an approach to a theatre production which I don't fully understand.

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