Friday, July 18, 2008

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* Alabama Shakespeare's West Side Story Begins to Rumble July 18
* Aubrey O'Day Is Hairspray's New Amber Beginning July 18
* DIVA TALK: Chatting with In the Heights' Karen Olivo Plus News of Akers, Colella and Callaway
* Runolfsson, Noll, Buntrock and More Join Julie Andrews at the Hollywood Bowl July 18-19
* Free As You Like It, with Ireland, Weller and Davenport, Begins Boston Run
* Fellner, Marshall, Morris and Renfroe Read notes to MariAnne July 18-20 at the Powerhouse
* "Mamma Mia!," It's Arrived: New Movie Musical Opens in U.S. July 18
* Tickets for 2008 NY International Fringe Festival Go On Sale July 18


Life Is All Right in America
I’m all for this new bi-lingual West Side Story that plans to open next spring.

Review: [title of show]
This Broadway musical about the making of a musical has plenty of heart, passion, wit -- and a terrific cast of four.

Talkin' Broadway

Review: [title of show]
Cults of personality form when the messenger becomes, or in many cases makes himself, more important than his message. But even in the arena of unbounded hero worship that is too often the Broadway musical, writers and stars rarely trade on the premise that you should think less about what's being said than who's doing the talking (and singing) - while simultaneously proclaiming the opposite. . . .

Review: [title of show]


Review: [title of show]
What started off as a cutsey little self-referential festival entry became a sassy, cult-like Off Broadway musical that has plopped down, with no added flash and trash, onto the Great White Way.

Review: The Marriage of Bette and Boo
Like the best absurdist playwrights, Durang fills his socio-political themes with jokes and levity. It’s best if you let him explain it all for you. . . .

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