Wednesday, July 16, 2008

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Associated Press

'Billy Elliot' announces its New York cast
Billy Elliot's dance teacher is coming to New York.

No-Frills, $2 Million `[title of show]' Kicks Broadway's Big Money Habit
Broadway's wry, insidery ``[title of show]'' opens tomorrow night with a cast of four, a simple set and an onstage orchestra consisting in its entirety of a guy named Larry playing a Roland digital keyboard.

Entertainment Weekly

Review: August: Osage County (new cast)


'Billy' gears up for Broadway
Cast comes together for new production

Review: American Tales
...skillful and unusually thoughtful, bolstered by Jan Powell's understated and effective score. The world premiere production by the Antaeus Company, to borrow the last word from the show, is extraordinary.

Review: King Lear
Dark, mighty and poetic, Shakespeare's "King Lear" remains the definitive savage family drama -- a monumental tale of a betrayed monarch's descent into madness and grief. The mournful howl of the king can currently...

Review: The Light in the Piazza
While some musicals demand sweep and choruses, tuners rooted in the intimate and the internal may adapt well to a reduction in scope. A new chamber version of "The Light in the Piazza" not only makes this transition with grace, it positively thrives. ...

Back Stage

His Next Big Thing
Chicago-bred freelance entertainment journalist Jeff Favre is viewing the L.A. theatre scene from a new perspective these days, as his first full-length play, The Next Big Thing, premieres July 19 at the Art/Works Theatre in Hollywood.

Compose Yourself reviewed by David Finkle
Take the curious case of Larry Grossman, which the York Theatre Company just kinda did in an in-development revue called Compose Yourself.

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