Sunday, July 13, 2008

ATW NewsClips - London (7/12-13)

The Independent

Reviews: Six Characters in Search of an Author, Minerva Chichester * Free Outgoing, Royal Court Downstairs, London * The Frontline, Shakespeare's Globe, London

The Times UK

Jemima Rooper's Naked Skin
She was a child star but she looks set to be a serious actress rather than a cutesy ditz, says Stephen Armstrong

Greer foams at ‘insane’ play inspired by her life
Author and feminist driven to anger by a play that uses her life as the inspiration for a comic attack on strident feminism

Siân Brooke in The Wizard of Oz
As Siân Brooke dons the famous ruby slippers, she tells Lucy Powell how she will play Judy Garland’s Dorothy her way

High School Musical - the Sunday Times review
High School Musical is cute, kitsch and full of energy, but doesn’t quite win over our correspondent and friends

The Music Man - the Sunday Times review
Brian Conley brings a George Clooney-esque suavity to the charismatic con man

Free Outgoing - the Sunday Times review
Much of the play plods along, addressing its issue with the dogged dullness of a second-rate soap opera

Moonlight and Magnolias
Sean Holmes's snappy production is effervescent with cherishable one-liners thanks to the work of a crack comic team

The Observer

Is it curtains for critics?
An army of arts bloggers is posting internet reviews on subjects from grand opera to soap opera - instant, global and free. US newspapers have begun to ditch their reviewers as digital alternatives flourish. Could it happen here?

Sweet and savoury with cheerleaders
What would our family of reviewers - reluctant dad and daughters - make of this US teen musical?

My, my, how can I resist it?
That cheesy Abba musical has now become an even cheesier film. By the end, though, you may find yourself bludgeoned into submission...

The Guardian

Definitely? Maybe!
As Mamma Mia! takes to the big screen, Pete Cashmore and Peter Robinson get the skinny on (well, make up) four of the West End's newest musicals ...

The Guardian Performing Arts Blog

Lyn Gardner: What to see this week

Daily Telegraph

West Side Story: the leap of faith that became a classic
As West Side Story returns to the UK, Sarah Crompton talks to the show's director about a musical without frontiers

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