Friday, July 18, 2008

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New York Times

Puttin’ on the Put-On, With Tunes
“[title of show]” is genial, unpretentious and far funnier than many of the more expensively manufactured musicals that make it to Broadway these days
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In the Berkshires, Some Heavy Hitters, Some Smaller Sluggers
Marquee-name playwrights, directors and actors lend an air of glamour, fill the houses and help keep the bills paid at the main stages at these Massachusetts festivals.

Does Your Mother Know You Sing Abba Tunes?
You can have a perfectly nice time watching this spirited adaptation of the popular stage musical and, once the hangover wears off, acknowledge just how bad it is.

New York Times ArtsBeat Blog

London Theater Journal: Hitting Bottom
I was very sad when the armed intruder put a gag in Eileen Atkins’s mouth on Wednesday night. Ms. Atkins, an actress of incomparably incisive style, had seemed to be the only hope that “The Female of the Species,” Joanna Murray-Smith’s sitcom about feminism under siege, might be worth listening...

New York Daily News

ABBA musical slips on some Greece
You want it to be great, don't you? The soundtrack, the cast, the history: Everything about "Mamma Mia!" makes it the ideal summer fling. Except, alas, the experience itself.

'[title of show]': Little musical that could
People often wonder how a show gets to Broadway. One way is to come up with a quirky idea: Make a musical about making a musical and enter it into a theater festival, where you get noticed.

'Forbidden' revue takes cue from reality TV
Summer is grilling season. That sizzling sound and roasted aroma coming from the 47th Street Theatre are stage stars getting the hibachi treatment (i.e., scorched) in "Forbidden Broadway Dances With the Stars!"

Hot Seats: Theater and comedy picks
Seasoned comedy king Sinbad is back on stage at Caroline's, sure to leave you rolling in the aisles. For some drama, catch performances of iconic writer Samuel Beckett's one-man dramas at the Gerald W. Lynch Theater.


[title of show]: Love it or hate it
When Hunter Bell and Jeff Bowen announced last year on the "[title of show] show," their internet television series, that they intended to take their hit Off-Broadway musical "[title of show]" to Broadway, no one took them seriously.

amNY New York City Theater Blog

Spiderman Musical Holds Open Casting Call


Theater review: '1968: Rock the World'
"Rock the World" is a must-see for those who were alive in 1968, and even more so for those who weren't.

Review: [Title of Show]

Theater review: 'Beauty and the Beast'

New York Post

Riedel: Irons ever so good
Top job in Brit pol drama

Haunting Liam's dead on
Less than a year after Mikhail Baryshnikov performed it as part of a Samuel Beckett evening, "Eh Joe" is back, this time via

This Broadway musical really [expletive]
Originality isn't what it used to be. Take "[title of show]," a Broadway musical - 95 minutes long, top ticket price $111...

Abba Dabba Do
Streep belts out songs, wears overalls and does a split in "Mamma Mia!," an exuberant if not always brilliantly crafted adaptation...

New York Sun

The Mega-Meta-Micro-Musical
If you see only one mega-meta-micro-musical this year, make it "[title of show]."...

New York Journal-News

[title] fills in the blanks
A little musical about writing a little musical makes it to Broadway — and its finale is about making it to Broadway. It's fresh, smart and funny.

Shakespeare, bloody Shakespeare
Bravely and confidently, the Rockland Shakespeare Company has picked "Titus Andronicus" for its 10th anniversary production at Rockland Community College. A Shakespearean punster would call it a hack's work, because hacking of limbs, heads and the odd tongue are part of the action.


"{title of show}"
"{title of show}" is the ironic-generic meta-musical that popped up four years ago in the Off-Off New York Musical Theatre Festival.

New York Observer Culture Blog

9 To 5: The Musical Coming to Broadway

New York Magazine Vulture Blog

The ‘Mamma Mia!’ Cast Disagrees on Just How Comfy Colin Firth Was in Those Outfits

Hartford Courant

"[title of show]" A Feast For Stage Insiders


A musical with songs and words you'll remember
A smart musical about "two nobodies in New York" feverishly writing a musical about themselves writing a musical, "[title of show]" is a lovely and surprisingly resonant creation by composer Jeff Bowen and writer Hunter Bell.

Role is a feather in actor's (Yankee) cap
As he prepares to open "The Odd Couple" on Friday night, there's one thing Lou Liberatore is flatly refusing to do.

Mamma Mia! How dreadful!

Trenton Times

Opera NJ raises curtain on 'The Merry Widow'
Opera New Jersey will continue its repertory of three productions this week at McCarter's Berlind Theatre in Princeton, including the first two of four performances of Franz Lehar's "The Merry Widow" 8 p.m. today and 2 p.m. Sunday.

Off-key 'Mamma' for indulgent ABBA fans only

Bergen Record

Review: [title of show]

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