Monday, July 14, 2008

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Los Angeles Times

'Of Equal Measure' at the Kirk Douglas

'Julie Andrews: The Gift of Music' comes to the Hollywood Bowl on Fri. and Sat.

L.A. City Beat

Currently Playing on Stage, July 10-16

The Many Loves of Antonia the Scrivener
Don Shirley looks at the many loves of Antonia the Scrivener

San Francisco Chronicle

'Ishi,' gripping drama at Theatre Rhino

Chad Jones' Theater Dogs Blog

Knights Who Say Ni: `Spamalot’ coming to SF at last

San Diego Union-Tribune

Romantic 'Phantom' keeps them coming back for more

Big cast and a big sound underscore 'Yank!'
You have to be a little mad to stage a musical: all those moving parts, all those dancing feet, all those actors breaking into sudden song and trying to sell such antics as rational human behavior.

The Oregonian

Previw: Pippin & Annie Warbucks
Sometimes the desire to put on a show sees no obstacle. Take, for example, Stevie Boothe and David Ruben, who have just launched Tin Pan Alley Theatre Company in Portland to do musicals in summer repertory, despite the fact that neither of them lives here.

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